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Hello and welcome to my home pages!

I am pleased you stopped by my home ... page, which is now available in Spanish! You are probably looking for Denny, but that's not my real name. Here's a very brief autobiograhy describing the milestones and important people in my life. My faith and family are very important to me. So are my hobbies, among them: Auto-mechanics, Computers, Electronics, Opera (I'm writing one!), and Movies.

I graduated with a double-major in Computer Science and Music from La Sierra University, where I worked as Microcomputer Lab (MICOL) Coordinator, and Computer Software Support Specialist; since March 2003, I started to work as Workflow Business analyst and programmer. I started teaching Computer Science classes in September 2001, and became Assistant Professor in 2008 at the Math & Computer Science department, and Senior Programmer Analyst at the Information Technology department. I completed a Masters degree in Computer Science at California State University Fullerton. I use whatever is left of my free time to write music for an opera based on the story of Esther.

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Course Syllabi and Materials

Introduction to Information Systems
Computer Music Synthesis class materials
Introduction to Computer Science 1 class materials
Introduction to Computer Science 2 class materials <-
Data Structures class materials
PERL programming class materials
Systems Analysis class materials
Software Engineering class materials
CORE 101 Internet Workshop

Technical articles

Computer tips, tricks, and tools
Comparing IBM-PCs against Apple Macintosh computers
Survey of Denial of Service Countermeasures
Distributed Proctoring in Distance Education
Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Datamining Report
Web Caching Report
Developing a Software Engineering Distance Learning Program
Banner Review slides


Our daughter Fiona
Our son Gared
Love Poems
My faith
My real name
My car
My bookmarks
My Movie Reviews

Music projects

Opera project Esther
"Christmas Conception"
"A Christmas Controversy"
A Captive's Christmas


Why recycling is good
End of good times
My wife and two kids

We can always keep in touch via e-mail at: (English/Español).

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"Silent Night", by Franz Gruber, arranged by Denny Lin Copyright © 1988 - 2001 All Rights Reserved.

"Furry Elise", based on Beethoven's "Fur Elise", arranged by Denny Lin Copyright © 1996 - 2012 All Rights Reserved.

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